What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is an androgen, or steroid hormone, and is most often thought as the male hormone. Testosterone is primarily responsible for the growth and development of sex organs, muscle mass, bone density and strength, metabolism, fat distribution, and sex drive. Testosterone also plays a role in energy levels, mood, cognitive function, and hair growth.

As we go through the aging process, the natural hormone levels in our body decrease, which can result in low energy levels and fatigue, feelings of depression and irritability, loss of sexual drive, hair loss, and many other effects that may have a negative impact on our quality of life. At GameDay Men’s Health,  we offer testosterone replacement therapy using bioidentical hormones so that you can optimize the testosterone levels within your body, treat the symptoms of low testosterone, and experience the anti-aging benefits of our hormone replacement therapy. Learn More

What is HGH?

Human growth hormone, or HGH, assists with cell regeneration and growth, increases bone density and muscle mass, and plays an important role in maintaining the health of vital organs and tissues within the body. HGH is produced by the pituitary gland and helps regulate energy levels, metabolism, and your sleep cycle. The natural production of HGH decreases with age, which can result in a deficiency that may cause you to feel lethargic, experience weight gain in the abdominal area, lose muscle mass, and experience a decrease in your sex drive. The medical team at GameDay Men’s Health offers HGH therapy for men who are experiencing the effects of an HGH deficiency. We use special HGH peptides that stimulate an increase of HGH levels within the body and encourage the pituitary to release HGH. With proper treatment, HGH therapy can result in improved energy levels, increased libido, boosted metabolism, and a decrease in fat. Learn More

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

At GameDay Men’s Health, we use bioidentical hormones for all of our hormone replacement therapy. Bioidentical hormones are created with the same chemical structure and function as the hormones that exist naturally within your body. They are identical to your own natural hormones and function in the same manner. Studies have shown that hormone replacement with bioidentical hormones provides a safer, more effective option compared to treatments with synthetic hormones. Learn More

Potential Anti-Aging Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy:
• Improved bone density
• Improved sexual function
• Improved metabolic function
• Improvement in hair loss
• Improvement in stamina
• Increased libido
• Increased energy levels
HCG Weight Loss Plan

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that occurs naturally in both men and women. Since hormonal imbalance is often a factor in overweight men, HCG functions as a pro-hormone, which helps the body increase production of its own hormone levels. The result is often an increase in testosterone levels and the usage of burning fat for energy. HCG stimulates the hypothalamus and encourages the body to use stored fat for energy rather than burning the calories you consume in a day. This means HCG has the ability to both signal the body to increase testosterone production while simultaneously forcing it to burn fat for energy instead of muscle. Our weight loss plans combine a well-balanced caloric diet with HCG injections. These weight loss plans are ideal for patients who are interested in losing at least 25 pounds. Prior to beginning any of our weight loss programs, a member of our medical team will review your general health and goals for treatment to determine if you are a candidate. Learn More

Let the expert staff at Game Day Men’s Health help you restore your energy levels and zest for life with our testosterone treatments, contact our office in Carlsbad today for more information!


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