Why Choose GameDay

Why use GameDay? Simple. We make up what other men’s clinics lack and then take it one step further. We get your testosterone levels back to what they should be, so you can live your passionate, purposeful life.

Here’s what sets us apart:


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In-Office Laboratory

You are a man on the go and we want to keep it that way. Find out your testosterone levels within 20 minutes, because we respect your time. That means no sitting in cold, harsh medical waiting rooms for hours and no waiting weeks for results. GameDay operates a CLIA-accredited and California State-licensed in-office clinical laboratory. We have rigorous standards, accurate testing, and fast results.

Ongoing Labwork

Get it done the right way. At GameDay, you get your Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) lab work every month for the first year of treatment. Knowing your total testosterone and PSA levels will become second nature for you. Making sure your hemoglobin and hematocrit are within healthy ranges is crucial for your long-term health. If your current men’s clinic isn’t testing you regularly, they could be putting your health at risk.

Free Consultation and Testosterone Test

You read that right. Your initial consultation and testosterone levels test is free. That’s worth repeating - FREE. Unlike other clinics, we believe it’s your basic human right to know where your health stands, regardless of income levels.

No Long-term Contracts

Let’s keep it easy, right? We don’t try to nickel and dime you with paperwork and we don’t penalize you. With no annual contract and no long-term commitment, our contracts are flexible.

Compassionate Expert Care

You are our priority. Period. Every team member at GameDay is invested in your health. We take it personally if you aren’t feeling your best. We'll put our team against anyone, any day. And you will always come out on top. At GameDay, you get to work with one of the best medical providers when it comes to hormone health.

Man Cave Environment

The level of comfort we provide you can be summed up in one word: Unparalleled. Another word? Guaranteed. To be your best, you have to feel your best. That’s why when you walk into GameDay, we start you off on the right foot. Sit in an overstuffed chair while you watch sports on flat screens or read a recent copy of Men’s Health Magazine, enjoy complimentary refreshments and snacks, and best of all - experience fast appointment times. Come hang out in comfort that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Complete Men’s Supplement Line

Take your health even further with our GameDay Men’s Supplement line. From Pre-Workout supplements to an Electrolyte drink, Multi-vitamin with prostate support, and Intestinal Cleanse, we’ve got your health goals covered.

**All patients must qualify for treatment**

GameDay vs. The other men’s clinics

Every Day is GameDay