Vitamin Shots

These are the shots you definitely don’t want to miss when the game is on. Vitamins, much like hormones, start or assist in nearly every function of our bodies. From weight loss to immune boosts, vitamins are crucial to keep you in the game.

We know it’s a pain to keep track of all the different vitamins that you’re told you “have to take”. It’s also hard to trust that you’re not just taking a sugar pill or filling your body with unnatural chemicals. Vitamin injections are packed with invigorating vitamins and amino acids and are administered directly by a medical professional.

Think of vitamin injections like oil changes. Take care of yourself daily with vitamins you trust, and then stop by GameDay to refuel your system. Even if you’re feeling great, it’s still good to check under the hood every once in a while and perform some preventative maintenance.


Vitamin shots can be complex or simple combinations of vitamins and amino acids. At GameDay, we test our patients to see where they are deficient. Based on that test, we develop a unique treatment plan that may just involve a single injection of a personalized vitamin cocktail or a series of injections spread out over a few months. Simply put, a vitamin shot is whatever you need to recharge your system.


B12 is our most common shot. That is because it is arguably the MVV (most valuable vitamin) among men in San Diego. It gives us energy, manages our mood, helps with weight loss and reduces the risk of fatigue and depression. You’re not you without B12. If you are low in B12, vitamin shots are the quickest and most effective treatment method available.


Glutathione is an anti-aging vitamin that helps with male infertility and skin care. Guys, we’re kidding ourselves if we say we didn’t notice our first few wrinkles starting to form, or the dark spots that developed underneath our skin. They got there, likely as a result of low Glutathione levels. Take back your healthy skin with this anti-aging vitamin injection.

Glutathione also provides fertility assistance. It’s been proven to help boost sperm mobility to prevent and treat certain cases of male infertility.


Our Super B Complex is the perfect hangover cure. It’s also the best way to prepare for any GameDay scenario (Wedding day, job interview, road trips, flights, holidays). Packed with vitamins B1, B3, B5, B6, B9 and B12, this shot helps men stay alert and energized in the situations that matter most. This complex has been known to reduce jetlag and – yes – cure hangovers!


Initial treatments often fall between 8-12 injections administered over a 3 month period. All men are unique. Their lifestyles, diets and activity levels can vary and age will also be a factor. We take all of this into account when drawing up your treatment gameplan. The more deficient you are in a given set of vitamins, the more treatments it will require to optimize your health. However, once you’re feeling better, you will only need injections on an as-needed basis.


While wondering whether a treatment is safe will certainly be a patient’s main concern, it’s not always the best question to ask. Inherently, most treatments are safe, especially a vitamin shot that contains natural substances. The real question is whether or not it is being administered properly.

At GameDay Men’s Health, we ensure that our patients only receive proper doses of vitamins that are relevant to their health and wellness goals. We do so by testing each man to see where his levels are and then using only the necessary types and amounts of treatments to get him back to feeling his best.

If you don’t have the energy or focus to seize your retirement, power through parenthood, or maximize your marriage, contact our San Diego Men’s Health specialists to reclaim yourself today.


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