The Effects Of Stopping Testosterone Replacement Therapy(TRT)

The Effects Of Stopping Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Should you decide to stop testosterone replacement therapy, it can be tough to imagine how ending the treatment will make you feel. Every man who ends his treatment will experience unique side effects, especially when it is done the wrong way.


Any time your hormone balances shift, you should expect side effects to present themselves. Because testosterone is such a powerful hormone, ending treatment can adversely affect patients. Weight gain, muscle loss, headaches, and loss of sex drive are all potential outcomes. Because testosterone essentially lets your body operate at full speed, the comedown will typically put you back at your pre-treatment state (or lower). Once testosterone levels return to their naturally “low normal,” you will start to see the benefits diminish. Aside from the physical factors, dropping your levels may lead to depression, insomnia, loss of appetite, and lack of mental clarity, aka “brain fog”. Because there are often such positive benefits from testosterone replacement, the side effects can be equally negative once you stop treatment.


Some men are hit pretty hard when they try to stop taking testosterone, especially if their starting numbers were low. Depending on your current dosage, the side effects of stopping “cold turkey” can be pretty harsh, especially if your starting Testosterone levels were extremely low. Gradually reducing your testosterone intake over several weeks may be the safest way to end treatment without as many negative drawbacks. Slowly “weaning” yourself off of treatment will minimize the shock felt by your body through the process. Talk to a Testosterone treatment professional at Gameday Men’s Health to find the best way to end your treatment.


Ending testosterone replacement therapy may leave you with some side effects, however pairing testosterone with HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) may help ease the process. HCG may help maintain natural testosterone levels and keep your testicles in good health, both of which are important for maintaining natural testosterone production and fertility, respectively. If you were not taking HCG while using Testosterone replacement therapy, Speaking with a provider could reveal it to be a logical replacement to transition off of testosterone.


So, what’s the best way to end your Testosterone treatment? Schedule a free consultation with a Gameday Men’s Health testosterone replacement therapy expert in your area to see how a custom tapering treatment can benefit you. These tailored plans help you avoid adverse side effects, stabilize your levels and keep you in great shape. Utilizing a TRT clinic allows you to formulate a safe an effective tapering program.

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