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Low Testosterone Symptoms

Widely considered to be the most influential male hormone, testosterone plays a critical role in much more than reproduction. Despite this hormone affecting fat levels, muscle gain, hair loss, and sex drive, many men neglect to check their hormone balance. If you have been experiencing low testosterone, there’s a good chance that your quality of life has lowered with it.


Have you had a hard time performing? Has your interest in sex dropped? If so, low testosterone levels are often the cause. It’s common for adult men to have a dwindling sexual desire as they age, but the lack of interest may be a simple hormone imbalance. Since most men experience decreasing testosterone levels as they age, erectile dysfunction and loss of desire often occur. If you have been experiencing these symptoms, it might be a clear and evident sign that you should get your levels checked.


No matter how healthy and active you are, low T may be negating your fitness efforts. Testosterone has an immense impact on fat burning and muscle building, so low Testosterone levels may cause you to struggle in the gym. While increasing your fitness program, running more, or changing your diet may improve your health, you will only get so far if your testosterone levels are low. Your body is like a car, and testosterone is the fuel. So it doesn’t matter how nice your car is, if you don’t have fuel you are not going anywhere. Optimizing testosterone imbalances may be the most worthwhile option for getting yourself back on track.


Believe it or not, the drain full of hair could be from your decreasing testosterone. Of course, other factors may cause hair loss like genetics and age, however, your thinning hair or bald spots might be stemming from low T. Fluctuating Testosterone can result in high levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can shrink follicles and delay hair growth.


Simple adjustments in your diet and activity can help naturally increase testosterone production, such as exercising often and adding test-boosting foods in place of unhealthy options. Foods like bananas, meat protein, and avocados will naturally elevate your test levels to an extent, they probably won’t compare to medical treatment. However, as you get older, diet and exercise alone may not be enough to keep your T levels optimal. The most accurate way to optimize your testosterone is by setting up a treatment plan with a testosterone replacement therapy provider. Unlike over-the-counter, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) will supply your body with high quality injectable testosterone and ongoing lab testing to ensure safety and effcacy. Our tailored TRT programs help you stay in the optimal range without dangerously spiking your levels, resulting in safe, reliable testosterone increases.

As you age, actively check to ensure that your Testosterone levels are adequate for a healthy lifestyle. If you have been feeling the effects of low sex drive or weight gain, be sure to speak with a TRT clinic or your primary care doctor to discuss treatment options. When done correctly, returning your levels to normal will improve your well-being.

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