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What is Sarcotropin IPA?

Are you ready to get the results you’ve been working so hard for but can’t seem to show it? Maybe Sarcotropin IPA is right for you! Sarcotropin IPA is nutritional support for the management of muscle loss and accumulation of fat caused by aging, also known as sarcopenia. As early as age thirty, natural tendencies toward weight gain can disguise the early signs of muscle loss, a process that accelerates after the age of forty.

How Does It Work?

Through a unique blend of ingredients specifically chosen for their combined ability to oppose maladaptive changes in body composition associated with aging, the formulation in SarcotropinIPA supports neuroendocrine function and thereby stimulates anabolic hormone production. By re-establishing and stabilizing pituitary cellular activity, SarcotropinIPA opposes cellular oxidation in skeletal muscle, reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines, improves energy metabolism, and enhances the benefits of exercise for increasing muscle mass.

Benefits of Sarcotropin IPA

  1. A therapeutic formula to help build and maintain lean body mass
  2. Feel strong and remain active
  3. Recover from injury and illness
  4. Improve sleep for greater recovery

Sarcotropin IPA with GameDay

This incredible formula can only be acquired with a physician’s order. Being that it is taken orally and passes through the digestive system, it is considered to be a medical food. The ease with which Sarcotropin IPA is metabolized by the body through the natural metabolic process, combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, makes it extremely preferable as a treatment for muscle loss and weight gain. Schedule your appointment today to learn more about how Sarcotropin IPA can help you get the muscle mass you’ve been working for!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas of your body do the ingredients in Sarcotropin IPA target?
  1. MUSCLE - Provides essential micronutrients 
  2. BRAIN - Stimulates hypothalamus
  3. PITUITARY - Activates somatrophs
What are the main ingredients or key factors in Sarcotropin IPA?

The main ingredients or key factors in Sarcotropin IPA are a blend of Potent GH Secretagogues:

  1. Pralmorelin**
  2. Ipamorelin**
What is the recommended serving size?

4mL drop PO nightly (120 mL 4 fl oz.)

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