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Low testosterone (low T), also called hypogonadism and andropause, can significantly reduce a man’s quality of life. Testosterone is a key androgen (sex hormone) for males. If your body doesn’t produce a sufficient amount of testosterone, your health and longevity can suffer significantly.

Signs of Low Testosterone Typically Include:

  • • Reduced Energy and Vigor
  • • Low Libido
  • • Erectile Dysfunction
  • • Inability to Concentrate/Focus
  • • Loss of Muscle Mass
  • • Increased Body Fat
  • • “Feeling Down” and Mood Swings


If you are experiencing some (or all) of these symptoms, you may have low T. The good news is that GameDay Men’s Health can help. We make testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) more efficacious, timely, and safe than ever before by providing individualized gameplans designed specifically for your needs. No more cookie-cutter treatments and long office visits with doctors who just give you the routine runaround.

GameDay Men’s Health TRT can help you feel and function your best by:

  • • Boosting Energy
  • • Promoting Healthy Libido
  • • Increasing Motivation
  • • Enhancing Muscular Growth and Strength
  • • Supporting Fat Loss
  • • Improving Mood
  • • Helping You Sleep Better


We only use bioidentical testosterone as part of our TRT gameplans, ensuring the highest safety and efficacy.

GameDay Men’s Health has helped thousands of men reclaim their lives by treating their low testosterone levels. We make hormone replacement therapy safer, easier, and more cost-effective than any other male clinic.


How do I get started on TRT?

  1. Firstly, we have you set up an appointment with the GameDay office in Ladera Ranch for you to come give a routine blood draw; this will allow us to test your current testosterone/hormone levels. Your results will be ready in less than 15 minutes! In the meantime, sit back, unwind and enjoy our overstuffed chairs while watching the game and sipping on a complimentary refreshment.
  2. After your lab results are ready, a licensed medical practitioner specializing in hormone replacement therapy will provide a comprehensive consultation going over your blood work and any current symptoms you’re experiencing, as well as prior medical history.
  3. If you’re a suitable fit for TRT, you may begin a custom-tailored low T treatment plan immediately. GameDay offers weekly bioidentical testosterone injections by appointment or alternative TRT treatments that you can administer at home on your own, whichever you prefer.


Why Choose GameDay Men’s Health Over Other Male Clinics?


GameDay prides itself on being a man’s home away from home. Our clinic is modern, professional, and comforting. Enjoy our large LED TVs, overstuffed chairs, free beverages, and the newest magazines.


Unlike many male clinics, we don’t prescribe synthetic hormones as part of our TRT gameplans. Instead, we only use bioidentical testosterone that is the molecular equivalent of what your endocrine system produces naturally. This translates to higher bioavailability, safety, and efficacy.


We know the demands of the modern man mean his free time is often limited. As such, we pride ourselves on having quick and efficient appointments. In fact, we will have you in and out of the office in 10 minutes or less for your weekly injection appointments!


Our on-site lab facility means you don’t have to run from building to building just to get your blood work done. After a quick needle poke, you’re free to sit back and enjoy the game and a complimentary refreshment while we get your results ready.



Testosterone is the primary androgen in the human body, meaning it promotes masculine characteristic development. In addition, testosterone is one of the most potent anabolic hormones the body produces naturally. Hence, testosterone is imperative for:

  • • Healthy energy levels
  • • Promoting muscle growth
  • • Supporting sex drive
  • • Maintaining healthy erectile function
  • • Enhancing mental performance
  • • Having high motivation and confidence
  • • Facial and body hair growth
  • • Supporting bone integrity
  • • Innate and adaptive immune processes
  • • Getting restful sleep


Males manufacture testosterone through a cascade of chemical signals transmitted via the hypothalamic-pituitary-testes (HPT) axis. If any part(s) of this axis go awry, the necessary signals aren’t communicated and the body won’t produce enough testosterone for optimal health and longevity. For example, if a male experiences a traumatic brain injury that damages the hypothalamus or pituitary gland, testosterone levels can drop significantly.



Testosterone is the veritable “male” hormone. Its androgenic qualities are what give men confidence, motivation, and determination to make the most of every day. Consequently, testosterone plays a pivotal role in practically every aspect of a man’s life, whether it’s related to work, exercise, relationships, sex, education, etc.

Up to roughly age 25, the male endocrine system typically produces an ample amount of natural testosterone. However, as adult males age past this point, the body will produce less and less testosterone each year that passes.

In some males, this reduction happens acutely, resulting in a rapid onset of the classic low T symptoms, such as decreased energy, difficulty focusing, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, loss of strength and muscle mass, and more.

Thankfully, those symptoms are almost always reversed when testosterone levels are restored to a healthy range, as in the case of TRT.



TRT is exceptionally safe when done under the supervision of a licensed medical provider that specializes in low T treatment. This is why many men choose GameDay as we are trained in male hormone replacement therapy and use only bioidentical testosterone that your body absorbs and utilizes safely and efficiently.

Lastly, GameDay requires you to complete the appropriate blood work before we prescribe any form of TRT. This ensures the utmost safety and minimizes the risk of side effects. Our goal is to get you back to leading a happy, productive, and healthy life as quickly and safely as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

In contrast to many male health clinics, we offer a complimentary consultation that includes a blood test through our on-site laboratory. We will have your lab results ready within 15 minutes - no running around from building to building. In addition, we accept PPO health insurance plans and Tricare military insurance to make your out-of-pocket costs much more affordable. Our expert, licensed staff specializes in treating male health and wellness. We are dedicated to providing you with the most professional care in a comforting, modern “man-cave” environment. To ensure optimal efficacy and safety, we use only the highest-quality medications, including bioidentical hormones that are the molecular equivalent of what your body naturally produces.
  1.  On-site lab /get your results in 15 minutes/ No runaround/ free consultation
  2. Insurance Accepted / affordable
  3. Expert, licensed staff
  4. Comfortable 'man-cave environment'
  5.  Highest quality medication
Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a form of medical treatment that helps restore testosterone levels to a healthy level by providing prescription testosterone. In most cases, injectable testosterone is administered either weekly or bi-weekly. This results in a steady supply of testosterone in the blood and, eventually, the reversal of low T symptoms. Hence, the goal of TRT is to re-establish and maintain proper testosterone levels. After being on TRT for a few weeks, many men notice they are able to sleep better, their sex drive is higher, they have more confidence and motivation, they have an easier time building muscle and losing fat, and their energy levels are greater. Adult males with low T are the ideal candidates for TRT since testosterone levels tend to fade as we age past our 20s. However, some younger males may be candidates for TRT if they have primary or secondary hypogonadism since these signify a dysfunction either in the testes or the brain, respectively. Regardless of what age you are, low T is not something to be taken lightly and TRT is the most effective way to treat this condition.
We accept most major PPO plans and Tricare military insurance. You can use our Insurance Verification Form to see if your insurance qualifies.
We have an on-site laboratory that will perform any labs our physicians order for you. If you haven’t been to Gameday Men’s Health before, we offer a free consultation to new patients. You can book an appointment online by clicking here.
Sexual dysfunction related to low T is best remedied through TRT. Many men who have low T notice that they lose interest in sex and subsequently have a harder time achieving (and maintaining) an erection. Once testosterone levels are brought back to a healthy range, libido and erectile quality tend to improve. [We offer PDE5 inhibitors, like sildenafil and tadalafil, if erectile dysfunction persists despite having healthy testosterone levels.]
Absolutely. Testosterone has extensive benefits when used in conjunction with a proper diet and diligent exercise regimen. Most men find that they are able to build more muscle and gain strength quicker when they are consistent with their nutrition plan and gym routine while on TRT. As such, it’s essential to realize that TRT is not intended to replace a healthy lifestyle. There is simply no drug, supplement, or medication that can make up for a poor diet and lack of exercise.