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What is GameDay Men’s Health?

GameDay Men’s Health believes that each man deserves to thrive at every stage of his life. Because men depend on healthy levels of testosterone for overall their health, we believe comprehensive monitoring and optimizing of testosterone levels to be the cornerstone of men’s health. The reality is that as we as men get older, things like healthy eating, regular exercise, and restful sleep lose their restorative properties if we do not have healthy testosterone levels. The most common complaint we hear from men at their first consultation at GameDay is: “Look, I’m eating better. I work out 4-5 times per week. I’m even getting more sleep – But I still feel sluggish. I’m not putting on any muscle in the gym. My sex drive is terrible. I’m exhausted by 4pm. And I’m just not happy.” If this sounds like you, it’s very possible low testosterone is at play.

Through our All-inclusive program, you will receive:
  • Medically supervised testosterone replacement therapy in a comfortable man-cave environment.
  • Ongoing monitoring of your testosterone health for appropriate. adjustments to your treatment.
  • High quality medications and medical expertise.
  • Access to our medical providers 24/7 via email.
  • Routine Labwork to monitor your Testosterone and prostate (PSA) levels
  • Fast appointment times and monthly medication pickups.
What Does GameDay Men’s Health Accomplish?

Low testosterone is an issue affecting 30% of men over age 40. This means approximately 1 in 3 men over 40 are walking around with some form of testosterone deficiency. Consequently, Low T is one of the most common, yet undiagnosed, medical conditions impacting men today.

At GameDay Men’s Health, there is no shame in your game. From CEO’s to surfers, business owners to stay-at home dads, men of all types come to us to feel like themselves again. Because Low T is so incredibly common, we aim to make your treatment safe, affordable, and effective, so that you will no longer suffer from low energy, poor sleep, decreased sex drive, and mental fogginess. Our testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) program includes not only the highest quality medications, but comprehensive lab testing and ongoing education about how you can optimize your health. We aim to create a complete men’s regimen based on science and results. In addition, we know your time is valuable. This is why from your initial lab test to your first injection, we only require 1 hour of your time.

Male Hormone Replacement Therapy

High quality testosterone, healthy nutrition, sleep, and exercise are the Four Horseman of your health. They are also the cornerstones of our TRT program. After all, your health is the most important thing in your life – without it, your life becomes unmanageable at best, and unlivable at worst. To that end, we are always 100% upfront and honest with each of our members about what to expect: TRT at GameDay Men’s Health is a commitment. We expect each member who qualifies for our program to maintain their medication schedule so that they can achieve the full benefits of their game plan. TRT is a process that not only empowers men to live their best physical and emotional lives, but teaches them to “own their health” so that life is lived with passion and purpose. Welcome to GameDay.

Free Consultation and Testosterone Test

If you are experiencing any of the typical signs of low testosterone, including decreasing energy levels, poor sex drive, lack of muscle mass, poor sleep, and mental fogginess, schedule a free consultation and testosterone test today. (858) 252-9202


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