You work hard to play hard. Between your job, financial commitments, hanging with friends, and getting outside, you are busy living life. Maybe even your best life. And guess what? Your skin tells your story. That’s why more men are getting Brotox – Botox for men.

There’s no hiding your age when it comes to those forehead creases. You deserve to treat yourself and look your best ever all with this simple procedure.

Botox has been one of the most popular nonsurgical procedures for men the past several years. That’s right – More men are getting Botox than ever to treat those unwanted lines and creases that make you look older than you are. And it’s not surprising so many men want Botox since the benefits include looking healthier and younger. Because who doesn’t want to take away a few years of stress from their face?

It’s a competitive world out there. Whether you’re looking for that extra edge at work or in the dating scene, or just want to shave a few years off, Botox is your answer.


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Botox for men, also known as Botulinum toxin, is produced by the bacterium clostridium botulinum. These neurotoxins are painlessly injected into your wrinkles and lines with a very fine needle. Those wrinkles on your face are caused by contracted muscles. So when Botox is injected into them (think of it as a simple prick), it blocks nerve signals that would otherwise cause those muscles to contract. This makes the muscles relax and gives you that smooth natural look.

Botox is a quick and effortless outpatient procedure. Most people start to notice an improvement in their skin within 3 days to one week. The effects typically last anywhere from three to six months.


Why should your age limit you from looking healthier than ever? Men want to take care of their health and look good, too. After all, you’re busy getting after it in the game of life. And that can really wear you down, starting with your facial appearance. Botox for men is proven to be a highly effective treatment for smoothing out and eliminating facial creases and wrinkles.

Those crow’s feet around your eyes? Lines alongside your mouth? Sometimes those wrinkles start appearing out of nowhere. But the stress from work and life in general as we age leads to those creases on our faces and wrinkles between our eyes. There’s nothing worse than being on a date and wondering if that person is looking at your eyes or your forehead lines.

Botox eliminates those aging-effects for men, helping you look healthy and fresh.

Why Is

A simple Botox injection can give you healthy-looking skin and keep you in the game. There’s a reason the amount of men getting Botox is rapidly increasing – Botox for men works. You can project your best self when you feel great.

The benefits of Botox for men include:

  • Look younger and feel fresh
  • Eliminate unwanted creases and wrinkles
  • Increase your confidence
  • Get a natural, healthy look, with no indication you had a Botox treatment

Because let’s face it – whether it’s at your work or on the online dating scene, it’s a competitive field. Walk into an interview feeling confident and really starting with your best foot forward. Feeling great isn’t just limited to the office. Go out with friends knowing your skin looks better than ever. Go on that date feeling at ease knowing your face has no wrinkles. Focus on the conversation you’re in rather than thinking about the creases around your mouth. Feel self-assured that your skin is smooth.


The cost of your Botox treatment will depend on the number of total units needed to treat your facial lines. The cost per unit is $12. There are several Botox for men injection options starting at $120. Money well spent considering you’ll look 10 years younger and feel more confident.

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The amount of Botox you need in a specific area of your face depends on the depth of the wrinkles. Our aesthetic providers will examine your creases and lines and then give the appropriate amount they recommend.

On average, men need the following units:

  • Forehead wrinkles: 10 to 13 units
  • Frown lines:20 to 30 units
  • Crows feet:18 to 24 units


Botox treatments at GameDay give you natural, fresh results. Our experienced board-certified specialists have an unparalleled attention to detail. On the day of you’re appointment, you’ll relax in our man-cave waiting room. Have a beverage and watch sports on flatscreens in our oversized chairs. During your appointment, your dermatologist will explain your Botox options.

They’ll make recommendations of where to inject the Botox, answer any questions you might have about the treatment and set realistic expectations for how the injections will improve your appearance. Our goal is to get your creases smoothed out and keep you looking your best by making subtle changes.

Stay in the game with Botox.