How Much is TRT in Scottsdale

We get it, a lot of men may be avoiding testosterone replacement therapy because of the costs associated with treatment. While these therapies are extremely effective for eliminating Low T and the symptoms that come with it, you may be putting off TRT because you’re concerned about the expense.

The good news is you do have options. Gameday Men’s Health has been working with men to treat Low T and symptoms with affordable treatment plans that won’t have your wallet calling time out.

So how much does testosterone replacement therapy cost in Scottsdale? That depends on a variety of factors that are unique to the patient. Each case is different and since we tailor our therapy options to target the specific symptoms of the case, the costs do vary.

Cost Factors

Testosterone replacement therapy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team at Gameday Men’s Health begins the process with an initial consultation to better understand your symptoms and assess your testosterone levels. If Low T is the problem, we create a personalized treatment response.

The costs associated with treatment are typically determined by the following:

Medication and Equipment

Which medication will be used and how you receive it? Whether the treatment is topical or administered via injection could affect the cost of your medication.


The severity and combination of detectable symptoms will affect the cost of treatment as these will determine which medications are chosen to help reduce and/or eliminate them. Low T can pose many significant problems for men, from fatigue and lack of energy to lower sex drive and loss of muscle mass among many others. Not all men will be experiencing the same symptoms and Gameday Men’s Health develops the game plan that’s right for you.

Dosage Levels

At some clinics, the dosage of the medication can have an impact on the cost. Higher dosage levels necessary to treat more acute symptoms or wide-ranging deficiencies in overall health can typically come with a slightly elevated price tag; however, at Gameday, we make it easy with a custom month to month plan that is not dependent on your testosterone dosage. 

 Length of Treatment

Depending on the complexities of a patient’s Low T challenges, the length of treatment needed to address them can also vary. Since each patient is different, our providers will assess your particular Low T concerns and that will give us a better understanding of how long the treatments will last. This will affect the cost.

Costs for Treatment

The costs for treatment include the medications you are taking to treat the symptoms of Low T as well as other associated costs necessary for developing the treatment game plan that works best for you.

Each of our patients receives a FREE testosterone test at the clinic. This involves taking a small blood sample to determine your levels and using this information to better prepare the right game plan for you.

Many types of treatments exist to address your Low T challenges and help you achieve your overall health and wellness objectives.

The costs of these options can vary. They do not necessarily reflect the costs for your unique case. The exact cost of treatment can not be accurately determined until an initial consultation has been performed and your testosterone levels analyzed by one of our providers.

Testosterone Injections

Injectables are typically the most affordable choice. These are administered in the form of a liquid that is taken via a syringe. Call our Scottsdale office to get our monthly pricing information and specials.

Topical Testosterone 

Topicals are creams or gels that you apply to certain parts of the body to help increase testosterone production. If a topical is the best option for treating Low T, the costs of treatment can be more expensive as these medications can run about $200 to $600 for a month’s supply. Transdermal patches are another option and the costs can be slightly higher. 

Testosterone Pellets

The most expensive option for Testosterone Replacement Therapy is the pellet. This is a tiny subcutaneous form of medication that is placed underneath the skin and releases the medication into your system over the course of many months. A new one is inserted to continue treatment. The cost of each pellet can be around $400 to $1,000.

Testosterone Pills

The testosterone pill known as Jatenzo is a newer medication approved by the FDA in 2019. It has been shown to be an effective yet highly-specialized form of Testosterone Replacement Therapy that may be right for only a small group of individuals. The costs for Jatenzo can be roughly $1,000 or more based on the size of the prescription.

While there are multiple options for testosterone and different pricing points, the best option depends on your medical history and specific needs. Schedule a free testosterone test and consultation with our medical provider today to discuss what is best for you.

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